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Sad Reaction to Twitter Crash

So, as usual, I stayed up all damned night.  When “normal” people are just waking up, something in my body chemistry reacts to the new sunlight of the day and finally allows me to go to sleep.  Sometimes I really wonder if there wasn’t some kernel of truth to those old vampire stories.  I really do hate garlic, or to be more precise, it hates me.  Thus, I was a little surprised to find myself waking up before noon.

I crawled out of bed, slid into my chair, and rolled over to my computer; all things that I do instinctively even when I’m barely awake.  Of course, the first thing I did was type Twitter’s address into my browser.  Yes, I am still using the standard browser API, mainly because it seems to react faster than Tweetdeck does, and I haven’t gotten around to trying any of the other ones.  But Twitter wouldn’t load.  Had to be something wrong with my PC, right?  But everything else was loading just fine. 

After a quick Google check I found a plethora of articles, written just minutes before, announcing that Twitter was indeed down.

For some reason, reading three different articles was not enough for me, and I found myself skimming through the comments below.  One user was wondering how he would survive the day without Twitter.  I can relate to that sentiment.  Then someone else responded with a reply that messed my entire day up before it even got started:

“How were you surviving when Twitter had not been developed?”, he asked.

I had to read that four times.  I’m still not sure how to answer…


Seriously, Twitter, what the hell..?  Some hardcore illegal drugs have a slower build cycle to full-blown addiction.

Oh, thank God…  Twitter is back up now.

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