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An Open Letter to Conservatives and Libertarians

Hey, all of you conservatives and libertarians..!  Listen, and listen good..!

Some of us wanted Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, Cain, Pawlenty, Johnson, Paul, and even Romney.  In fact, most of us in the Tea Party wanted anyone BUT Romney.  Personally, I liked Herman Cain a lot.  And yes, I am fully aware that Romney is not the official nominee until he is named at the Republican convention in August.  But he IS the de-facto nominee.  No one else has a chance, at this point (Paul supporters, I am looking at you).

And I don’t want to hear any of this crap about how Romney is “just as bad as Obama”.

NOBODY is as bad as Obama.

No one in the history of our country.

It is time to start acting like the Americans that we are; we bicker amongst ourselves but pull together to fight the real enemy at the gate.  And the real enemy IS at the gate.  Four years of Obama has been a disaster for this country, so the prospect of allowing him four more years, as a lame-duck no less, is not something we should ever risk in order to take some sort of principled stand in the face of the Republican establishment.

Normally, I’m all for that.  Not this time.  Face up to the political reality.

Do any of you really want to see an unrestrained President Obama, free to spend his time forcing his ideology down our throats instead of running around the country begging for money like he’s been doing for the past year?

I sure as hell don’t.

Whatever his faults, and however much some of you may dislike him, Mitt Romney is our ONLY chance to remove Barack Obama in November.

Think about that.

Comments on: "An Open Letter to Conservatives and Libertarians" (12)

  1. Excellent article and thought provoking. I had other preferences for candidates but Mitt Romney is a solid guy, experienced, not beholden to DC insiders and capable of at least making a start in undoing the catastrophic mess Obama has created. It will be tough job and I’m giving full support to Romney. Losing this election is not an option for me.

  2. Excellent article. We need to say this in various ways to drive the point home. Allow me to add what I’ve posted on FB & Quora.

    If you want the country to move to the right you will vote for Mitt Romney.

    I’m referring to the generally agreed upon definition that left means more/bigger government and right means less/smaller government. My conclusion is based not on absolutes but rather on degrees of left versus right. I’m suggesting that in as much as the president can affect policy, Romney would move the needle to the right rather than to the left.

    In November, one of two men will be the next President of the United States. Voters can help choose between them or just leave it up to others by not voting or voting for a third party candidate.

    • That is a very excellent point! The needle needs to be moved toward the right, and if we threw a temper tantrum because it wouldn’t get moved to the right far enough for our tastes, we will likely end up with the needle moving further to the left!

  3. The enemy is not “at the gate”. He is already in the gate and standing in the dictators arch. I don’t even know if voting him out will do.

    • I think a lot of the damage could be reversed almost immediately, especially if we take control of the Senate along with the Presidency. Even if we didn’t have a super-majority like Obama had, we could still get rid of Obamacare, because it’s officially a tax, and action on it can not be filibustered.

  4. Sorry I took so long to approve your comments! I’m not used to having to do it all manually. There isn’t an automated process for it. Kind of frustrating!

  5. Spot on- I know your right- nasty medicine- but- I’ll swallow

  6. You are most likely correct. But this pill is tasting ready bad, ain’t even close to it yet. My point is that an awful lot of folks are still stewing over the fact that Romney and the RNC may have rigged this. Allow those of us still steaming time to get over the garbage. Most will come around eventually. Some may not. And I will say this, don’t count on pulling it off twice next time around. This country needs to go as conservative as possible just to get back to

  7. The middle…. have fun all! Go Conservatives!

  8. lizville said:

    Mitt not my first choice either.” We don’t have time or luxury for bickering at this stage. Every Conservative should have “Anyone but Obama” on their car bumper. To save the Republic we must unite NOW! Then after we elect Mitt “We The People” do what were supposed to do all along.

  9. Again, I apologize to all of you for how long it takes me to approve your comments. I know when I leave a comment I like to see it post right away. I can’t change the way this is moderated, but at least after I approve one of your posts, you are free to post at will from then on…

    Thanks for understanding!

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