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Rush Was Wrong

Listening to Rush during my drive today (I like Rush, but I was really waiting for Dana Loesch to come on afterward), I heard him say something peculiar.

Rush is usually right, but not today.

He was addressing a caller who was wondering why one of Romney’s campaign managers could be so inept as to bring up Romneycare in response to the crazy Joe Soptic advertisement.  That response, of course, was about as incompetent as it was possible for it to be.   This led Rush to diagnose the difference between the Democrats and Republicans.

Rush hypothesized that the Democrats were made up of tons of small special interest groups that clashed with each other usually, but all agreed that they had to beat us.  He further went on to say that we did not come together as Republicans in the same way.

There is something to that, but it’s still wrong.

None of us wants to see Barack Obama re-elected, for sure.  We’d gladly put aside any differences between us to defeat him.

No, Rush…  The problem with the establishment Republicans is that the old guard still has the nonsensical idea in their head that they can actually be friends with the Democrats.

When Harry Reid took to the Senate floor with outright lies about Mitt Romney not paying any taxes at all for ten years, I actually saw Lindsey Graham say that he liked Reid, but that Reid just wasn’t being truthful.

And Rush…  That is the problem, right there.

Mr. Graham, I can guarantee you one thing.  Harry Reid does NOT like you.  Harry Reid hates the very air you breathe.  And if he was ever nice to you at any point, it wasn’t genuine.  He’ll only pretend long enough to get as close to you as he can before he sticks a knife in your back.

Younger Republicans and Tea Party members understand this truth, and that is where the disconnect lies within our coalition.

Mitt Romney showed some glimmer of understanding this when he refused to play along with Democrat shell games and release even more of his tax returns, but his campaign staff certainly doesn’t get it at all, and the establishment itself is clueless.

They still think they can all get along and hold hands singing Kum-baya.

That will NEVER happen, and it’s time they realized it.  The Democrats are playing hardball 24/7/365 and if we don’t go for their throats, they WILL get to ours.

We’ll lose.

Our best hope is that Romney nominates a Vice Presidential candidate that understands a truth that Romney himself has so far failed to grasp.

There are no “gentleman’s rules” in modern politics.

This is war.

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  1. I realize what you are saying, but Rush does know that. I’ve heard him talk about the RINOs many times. Personally I myself would classify Lindsey Graham as a RHINO. I like you, get extremely frustrated when “our guys” are so afraid of calling a spade a spade, or a lie a lie. They fear like the Plague being looked upon as partisan and not reaching across the aisle. Bad press scares the hell out of them. The trouble is we all like to be liked but if we are to be true to ourselves and true to their oaths of office they have to be who they are. I say if our side fought half as hard for what is good, and ignore the attacks, lies and smears that come their way, as the Dems fight for what is wrong, we would be a lot better off.
    Our military are literally facing live bullets, rockets , and bombs everyday defending America, and its Constitution. The Republicans can’t even take words fired at them, what a bunch of cowards. Look at how we back down from the fight on such fine Americans for our Supreme Court Nominees. Our guys cave on the finest men and women in America, and the Dems fight tooth and nail for someone who publicly admits that they have problems with our Constitution. I get so fed up with this surrender to evil and idiocy. Yet election cycle after election cycle we are played for fools. We are promised everything and the day after the election are betrayed until the next cycle. Kind of like the Blacks being made promise after promise if they vote for the Dems. But the DEMS throw them a few crumbs and that is it. And the Dems have the gall to claim they achieved civil rights for them and the Republicans are evil. Just the opposite is true if people would read true history and not the rewritten in schools today. Dems are Dumb but sly as foxes, and it is made easier by the leftist media.

    • I agree 100%… And I have heard Rush say similar things before, but today he was WAY off message. It grated my nerves… lol

      I share every frustration you just mentioned… And I’ve had enough of it!

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